You can find on this page the map of Rio de Janeiro Galeão airport. Rio de Janeiro is served by 2 international airports totaling more than 26.5 million passengers per year, Rio de Janeiro Galeão (GIG) and Santos Dumont (SDU) operated by the company Infraero.

The city of Rio de Janeiro has two airports:

  • Río de Janeiro International Airport, Antonio Carlos Jobim (Galeao): This is the main airport of Rio de Janeiro and it is the main airport for international flights. Located about 20 kilometres from the centre of Rio, on the Ilha do Governador, the airport receives more than 6 million travellers a year. There is a bus service, Real/Reitur Turismo, which runs every half hour to reach the center.
  • The city's second airport is Santos Dumont Airport, which is located in Guanabara Bay and is closer to the centre. The airport mainly operates domestic flights and Rio de Janeiro - Sao Paulo flights. The bus service serving the city center is Real/Reitur Turismo.

Gig airport map

The airport of Rio de Janeiro Galeão is the 2nd largest airport in Brazil with a passenger traffic of 17.1 million travelers in 2013. It has 2 terminals which are the terminal 1 and the terminal 2.

Galeão-Antônio Carlos Jobim Airport is located about 20 kilometers from the southern zone of Rio de Janeiro. Here are the different ways to get to the center: 

  • The Taxi: it's the simplest solution but the most expensive.
  • Ocab: this is a private driver service.
  • The bus: it's not expensive, you have to be patient because no schedule is posted (the frequency goes from 10 minutes to 1 hour, from 5am to 11pm). The bus is not dangerous for tourists.
  • The Metro: there is no direct line between the airport and the south zone of Rio, but it is quite simple to reach line 2 via the BRT. If you go to Copacabana or Ipanema, you will have to change at Botafogo to take line 1.