You can find on this page the map of Rio de Janeiro ferry. Rio de Janeiro ferry also called Barcas is a transit system serving in the bay of Guanabara the city of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) with the subway, the urban, suburban & commuter train, the tram or the bus. The ferries network has 4 lines.

The Rio de Janeiro ferry is a means of transport that allows you to visit the small islands that border Rio and its bay from the ocean. The ferry leaves every 20 minutes from Centro. The outward journey will cost you 1.54€.

Rio de janeiro ferry map

Rio de Janeiro ferries exist since 1977 and are operated by the CCR Barcas.

Its network includes the following 4 lines:

  • Line Praça XV ↔ Araribóia
  • Line Praça XV ↔ Cocota
  • Line Praça XV ↔ Paquetá
  • Line Praça XV ↔ Charitas


The ferries of Rio de Janeiro is a good way to walk around and admire Rio from the sea. It is also a convenient way to transfer from one point to another in Rio. The port of Rio de Janeiro is the third busiest in Brazil.

  • To get to Paqueta Island: a ferry runs all week long between 7:10 am and 11 pm. For about 70 minutes of journey, it costs between 7.20R$ and 12R$ (1.92 euros and 3.19 euros).
  • To get to Niteroi: a ferry crosses the whole week, every 20 minutes. It costs 4.60R$ (1.22 euros) for a one-way ticket.